Service is: Free and voluntary use of one's time and talents to benefit, improve, and/or enrich an individual, group, organization, or community.

Counts as Service Hours:

  • Volunteering at a non-profit organization
  • Time spent working on a service project during a service trip
  • Volunteering for an on-campus service event (Project Pumpkin, DESK, Hit the Bricks, Wake n' Shake, etc)
  • Participating in a service project or event hosted by a campus or non-campus organization

Does Not Count as Service Hours:

  • Paid service work
  • Service completed as a class assignment
  • Service that is required of you (judicial sanction, requirement for a certain certification, etc.)
  • Travel time associated with volunteering
  • Volunteering at a Wake Forest sporting event
  • Time spent in leadership to a campus organization

If you have questions about activities that do an do not count as service, please post your question on the Discussion Board or email