Welcome to the Pro Humanitate Honor Roll Program

The Pro Humanitate Honor Roll is a 2-tierd service tracking and service recognition program.  It was created by students at the 2008 President’s Leadership Conference. The purpose of the program is to recognize students who most realize Wake Forest’s motto, Pro Humanitate and to reinvigorate the spirit of the motto by truly celebrating what it means to our university.   The program is open to all undergraduate students.


The Honor Roll:

  • Any student who completes 50 or more hours of community service in the current semester is placed on the Honor Roll.   Hours must be logged via the on-line tracking program which can be accessed by logging in through this website.
  • Please click on the rules tab to learn about what does and does not count as service hours for this program. All logging of service hours is done under the Wake Forest Honor Code.
  • Once the students reach 50 hours, they will receive an email that instructs them to submit a one paragraph reflection/abstract about their service.  Reflection forms can be found on this website under the forms tab.  Upon completion of the reflection, students will be placed on the Honor Roll.
  • Any student that makes the Honor Roll will be eligible for service awards and invited to the end of the year banquet.
  • The Service Honor Roll will be published in the Old Gold and Black and the Student on-line magazine.